Ourmilla Sharma: Reviving Guyana’s agriculture industry


Image Source: un.org


Decades ago, agriculture was the chief economic activity in Guyana. However, with the hurdles of having major coastal lands and inconsistent weather, the country struggled sustaining the growth of its crops within its small cultivating area, including the production of rice, sugar, and bananas.

It is now the mission of Ourmilla Sharma to revive Guyana’s agriculture industry. As the vice president of AA Agri Industries, Sharma aims to elevate Guyana’s current agricultural state through the production of top quality rice at affordable prices for the local consumer and foreign wholesale commodity buyers.


Image Source: caribbean360.com


Sharma is an economics graduate who has extensive experience in marketing. This enables her to effectively manage the company alongside her husband, Satyanand Sharma, and pursue the goal of making AA Agri Industries as the leading rice producer and exporter in Guyana and the Caribbean. With a well-executed business plan, the management is also looking forward to generating over 35 percent of annual rate of return in the next couple of years.

Established in 2010, AA Agri Industries helps create jobs and build self-sufficient communities for the skilled laborers in the coastal regions of Guyana. Moreover, by establishing strong alliances with Guyana’s neighboring countries, AA Agri Industries works on meeting the ever-growing demand for rice worldwide.


Image Source: aaagriindustries.com


Learn more about Ourmilla Sharma and her work at AA Agri Industries by visiting this Facebook page.


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